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EMA Decision: Permission Granted to Appeal

News article published on: 2nd April 2019

On the 1st March the EMA was granted permission to appeal on condition that they continue to comply with their lease obligations pending any appeal. The property sector will therefore need to wait to see if the EMA pursue an appeal and if so, whether their efforts will result in the decision of Judge Marcus […]

The Importance of Declarations of Trust

News article published on: 5th November 2018

The recent decision in the case of Culliford v Thorpe [2018] EWHC 426 (Ch) serves as a reminder to cohabiting unmarried couples of the importance of agreeing a declaration of trust where their interests in a property are shared. In this case a co-habiting couple, Mr C and Mr T agreed that a property which […]

Court of Appeal Clarifies the Definition of ‘Landlord’ in Victory for Osbornes Law

News article published on: 5th November 2018

It is now not uncommon for home owners to enter into company let agreements with property companies who are authorised under the company let agreement to let to sub-tenants under assured shorthold tenancies. These agreements guarantee the owner a fixed rent each month and avoid many of the responsibilities of being a landlord. Such agreements […]

Cheaper Lease Extensions …Maybe?

News article published on: 10th October 2018

On the 20th September 2018 the Law Commission published the hotly anticipated consultation paper on the proposed reforms to Leasehold home ownership. The paper runs to sum 546 pages however a useful summary has also been prepared that can be accessed here at a much more manageable 26!: https://s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/lawcom-prod-storage-11jsxou24uy7q/uploads/2018/07/Consultation-Paper-Summary.pdf There has been considerable press interest […]

Legal Aid Agency Agree to Backdate Legal Aid Certificates

News article published on: 10th October 2018

Following a judicial review the Government has agreed to amend the Civil Legal Aid (Procedure) regulations 2012 to allow for legal aid certificates to be backdated to the date of application. The situation prior to this decision meant that people who required urgent legal assistance were unlawfully being denied access to justice as  lawyers were […]

The Frustrating Implications of Brexit!

News article published on: 24th September 2018

Landlords up and down the country are awaiting the outcome of the case between European Medicines Agency (“EMA”) and Canary Wharf Group as to whether Brexit frustrates the EMA’ s 25 year lease. If the court find in the EMA’s favour, it could have huge implications for the economy. A contract may be discharged on […]

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