The Kids Are Not Alright! 13 Sep 2015

Going through a divorce can be a traumatic experience for a divorcing couple and can often lead to acrimony when negotiating financial settlements, living arrangements, distribution of assets and perhaps most important of all child arrangements.

Sadly, if children are involved they all too often have a ‘front row seat’ to all the arguments and frustration which take place. The effect is that the trauma of divorce is imprinted on their young mind and can leave them with behavioural, emotional and psychological problems, stemming from what they have witnessed.

Osbornes Solicitors has planned a free seminar, pulling together a panel of leading experts to discuss the impact a divorce can have on children and teenagers and importantly to discuss what divorcing parents and other family members can do to ensure the stresses and disturbances of a divorce are not passed on to any children.

The Kids Are Not Alright!

Wednesday 21 October 2015
The British Library Conference Centre
Registration from 6pm

Panel members include:

Sue Atkins, Parenting Expert & Coach
Dr Eia Asen, Consultant Child Psychiatrist
Dr David Cottrell, Trustee of YounGMinds & Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Alex Verdan QC, Barrister, 4 Paper Buildings
Martin Ross, Law Society Children Panel Member, Partner, Osbornes Solicitors

Who should attend?

Those who should be present at this must attend event include individuals who are considering separating or divorcing their partner, individuals who are currently going through a divorce and those which are divorced and are perhaps worried about the effect it has had on their children.


YM_Primary_logo_YG Osbornes is partnering with YounGMInds, the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. A fundraising raffle for the charity will be held on the night.

YounGMinds Chief Executive, Sarah Brennan comments:

“Many children will see their parents separate or divorce. When parents decide to split, it can be a very difficult time for children and young people. Separation may mean children losing the home they are used to, changing school and losing friends, not seeing one parent on a regular basis and hearing their parents rowing. Coping with these changes is not easy for anyone, and many children feel sad, guilty, angry and abandoned.

We are delighted that Osbornes Solicitors are hosting this vital discussion evening. Helping parents minimise the emotional distress on a child is a key part of our work at YoungMinds. Divorce is often a time of extreme emotional turmoil for all involved and is a very common reason why parents contact us for advice.”

For more information about this event and to RSVP e-mail or call 020 7485 8811.

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