Struggle up the property ladder 19 Jun 2013

Shelter has published research which demonstrated the grim reality for those wishing to get onto the property ladder. The findings of the research do not come as a surprise and confirm that affordability when buying a home for first time buyer is worse in London than in any other city in England.

According to the research it is claimed that to get onto the property ladder the following will apply when it comes to years of saving:

  • A single person –  29.5 years
  • A couple with children – 20 years
  • Couples without children – 10.5 years

The effect of this is that  many people will be reliant on the little accommodation that is available in the private rented sector and this is likely to be the situation for some time to come. Some may argue that tenants are helplessly at the mercy of landlords who are likely to have high demands in respect of their properties. Given years of deregulation of the private rented sector there is little security for tenants occupying such accommodation. Unfortunately, there are many rogue landlords failing to comply with their statutory obligations to tenants, whilst at the same time charging high rents for their properties.

How Osbornes can help you

If you are a tenant who is concerned about any aspect of your rented property including, protection of your rent deposit, the condition of your rented property, orharassment from landlord we may be able to assist you. Here at Osbornes LLP you can speak to a member of the Housing Team who will be able to deal promptly with your query and if possible we will seek to improve your living condition by compelling your landlord to comply with their duties to you’.

To speak with a member of our housing team you can make an online an enqiry now. You will then recieve a call back and have a confidential conversation with a team member. After you have provided all relevant details of your case we will then advise you of all options open to you for a swift resolution.

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Written by Shilpa Mathuradas

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