Osbornes Sponsors ‘The Times’ Cycling Mayoral Hustings 8 May 2016

Official Legal partner to the London Cycling Campaign (LLC), Osbornes Cycle Injuries, sponsored the Mayoral Hustings “The Future of Transport In London” organised by LLC and The Times newspaper on 29th April 2016.

Less than a week before London’s Mayor Elections, this debate is part of the global cycling campaign runs by LLC and its sponsors. Three key points are highlighted to catch the attention of the Mayoral candidates to make sure they have cycling firmly on their agenda for the next four years:

  1. More safe space for cycling on main roads and at junctions
  2. ‘Mini Hollands’ to create cycle-friendly town centres in every borough
  3.  End lorry danger on London’s roads with smarter, safer lorries

Voice of the cyclists in London, LLC is working to improve the safety and conditions on the roads of the capital city. To ensure London’s next Mayor is committing to “make cycling safe and enjoyable for everyone”, the charity launched the petition “Sign for cycling” so far signed by more than 11,200 persons.

As London’s population is growing rapidly, cycling is the key option to reduce pollution levels, congestion on the streets and crowding on the tube. London needs to adapt its roads and junctions to ensure safety and wellbeing of cyclists, more and more each day.

If you would like to get involve in the future of transport in London you can sign LLC’s petition. 

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