Osbornes Lawyer Speaks out on Controversial Medical Reports 12 Apr 2019

Edward Taylor, housing and community care solicitor spoke to Hackney Citizen who has been investigation this council’s relationship with an outsourced medical company.

Edward Taylor, housing and community care solicitor at Osbornes, said: “NowMedical comes up all the time. Every single local authority that I’ve seen uses them, and the reports are so brief.

“In my case they got about six or seven of them, more and more medical reports to try to strengthen their case, rather than paying someone to meet the client.

“What I’ve argued quite often in my cases is that essentially the reports, when the solicitor or the client has managed to get medical evidence, the NowMedical report is essentially an opinion of an opinion. In other areas of law, that’s completely worthless in evidential terms.

“If someone isn’t actually seeing the client, and not seeing the medical records, they’re essentially providing second-hand evidence. It’s so weak in evidential terms. They’re not just not seeing the client, they’re also not seeing their medical records.”


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