Naomi Angell disusses adoption parties on sky news 19 Jun 2013

Naomi Angell, head of the Osbornes adoption team, appeared on Sky Breakfast News at 8:00am on Sunday 28 July 2013 on the sofa with Gillian Joseph and Stephen Dixon to discuss the controversial issue of adoption parties.

Adoption parties are activity days for children waiting in the care system to be adopted. Prospective adopters are invited to meet the children and play with them at a fun activity day. For adopters, it is an opportunity to bring adoption to life by meeting the children, rather than just reading about them on paper, or being told about them by their social worker. For the children, it has been proved to achieve more adoption matches and an adopter who might have thought that they were looking to adopt one child, might meet a sibling group and decide that this would work for their family.

Objections are that it is the equivalent of speed dating or visiting Battersea Dogs Home. Children who have already suffered rejections, may feel rejected again if they are not chosen.

However, this has to be balanced against increasing the number of children who find homes through adoption, particular those who are harder to place because they are older or a sibling group that should be kept together.  Provided the children are prepared, supported and selected sensitively for these adoption activity days, there are strong arguments for them.

Also, the prospective adopters are not able to pick out a child. They would indicate that they are interested in receiving more information about a child and this would then be taken further by the child and the adopter’s social workers who make the decision as to what is best for that individual child.

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