Mark Freedman speaks to BBC London 94.9 about British children living abroad 4 Aug 2014

Following on from a report today by the BBC Asian Network on ‘Britons being liable to Sharia divorces’, Mark Freedman, specialist divorce lawyer was interviewed by Harriet Scott for BBC 94.9.

Mark Freedman, specialist divorce lawyer

The report highlighted the fact that ex-pats living abroad in the UAE and other countries which adhere to Sharia Law, may  unknowingly be subject to this legal system. The report spoke to two British women who lost contact with their children after being deemed as ‘unfit mothers’ according to Sharia Law. Both women are now back living in the UK, with no rights under Sharia law to have contact with their children.

Mark in his interview commented that ex-pats living in countries which practice Sharia law could be at the mercy of this code of law. He also commented that having an agreement which stated that any child care or family law proceedings would be judged under English law would make no difference. Mark also spoke about Hague Convention countries, which practice universal norms of international family law. He noted that the UAE has not signed up to this convention.

The full interview can be listened to using the link below.

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