Knock On Effects of London’s Housing Crisis being felt by towns outside the M25 26 Oct 2015

A report by the BBC last week indicated that the rehousing of families into towns outside of London by London boroughs is causing friction with those Local Councils.

The report explains that Luton Borough Council had made a formal complaint and were considering legal action against the London Borough of Waltham Forest about the number of placements it had made to their district. London boroughs have been using Luton and other towns outside of London to effectively remove people that are owed housing duties, permanent or temporary, but cannot be accommodated in their own boroughs due to the lack of housing there.

As a result Councils outside of London, the report claims, have had to spend considerable sums to provide services including schools to the increased number of people living in their districts. These Councils themselves have a shortage of available accommodation and the influx of additional households is placing a strain on their limited resources.

The Housing and Social Care team at Osbornes have had direct experience of dealing with vulnerable people who are offered accommodation far away from their existing family, friends and support networks. The London boroughs involved often expect people to make a decision on a property offered outside of London within 24 hours which only increases the stress suffered by homeless families who are in an extremely difficult position as it is.

There are legal challenges available to people in this position and Osbornes recommends that if you are placed in this situation by your Local Authority you seek legal advice as soon as possible before making any decision as to whether to accept or reject the property.

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