Injury to wrist results in £100,000 for lorry driver

19 Jun 2012

A lorry driver has received a settlement for injuries and financial losses suffered in an accident at work.

Jarek Lemancyk was working as a lorry driver delivering to supermarkets across the Midlands. The job involved making deliveries of goods on pallets. On Christmas Eve he was attempting to unload a pallet. The pallet had been badly loaded at the warehouse so that when Mr Lemancyk attempted to move the pallet the boxes fell of the pallet. In order to avoid being hit by the boxes he jumped backwards, however fell in the process injuring his wrist.

Mr Lemancyk injured his wrist so badly that it was necessary for him to have an operation, requiring him to be off work for months. The injury sustained meant that although he returned to work he could not undertake the job as a driver and therefore was on a lower wage.

Following a full medical assessment of his injuries and an assessment to see if he would ever be able to drive again he received compensation for £100,000.

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