Housing Lawyer at Osbornes comments on the government’s eviction ban extension

24 Aug 2020 | Alex McMahon
eviction notice

Alex McMahon, expert housing lawyer in the housing and community care department at Osbornes has been quoted in various publications including the Daily Mirror following the Government’s eviction ban extension, which has now been pushed back to 20th September. Courts were due to begin hearing rental property repossession cases again from August 24th.

Alex, who expressed his initial concerns for the thousands of tenants who had built up rent arrears due to the pandemic in a possession claims blog last week, said urgent change in the law was needed to protect those facing eviction.

Following the government announcement on Friday, Alex told Property Reporter that under the current law, Judges are not able to consider the impact coronavirus has had on tenants. “This last minute extension hardly fills me with confidence that the government has properly considered what to do about this pressing issue.”

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You can read Alex’s comments here;





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