Could Air bnb Work for Cyclists? 11 May 2019

Air bnb for Cyclist! 

Air bnb has pretty much revolutionised the way people travel and has paved the way for many of us to cash in on that spare room when we want and foe how long we want.  A brave new Danish startup company is aiming to do the same for cycling with a cross between air bnb and uber. so what exactly is Air Donkey and what does it mean for cyclists?

How Does it Work?

The business revolves around the idea that those with spare bikes or bikes they don’t use regularly will rent them out by the day or by the week to those who need them to commute or see the sights. Bikes will be chained up in various places around the city and users can unlock the bikes using a code on the App. This bike-sharing scheme aims to make cities more bike friendly and has been successfully trialed in Copenhagen.

What Makes it Different?

So how exactly is Air Donkey different to any other bike rental company out there? One advantage is that it relies on others to rent their bikes out which will provide the App users with an unbeatable variety of bikes on offer such as bikes with child seats and also bikes for children. The business also doesn’t need public subsidy, which ensures it will stand out from the crowd.

What are the Drawbacks?

So far the business idea relies heavily on bikes being chained to objects using a flimsy coil and owners of expensive bikes may be hesitant to rent out their bikes. However, the founder of the company states that the App is meant for users who own standard bikes rather than flashy, expensive models. Nothing about the App is flashy which is reflected in the company name Air Donkey and the idea is a simple way for cyclists to get from A to B.

So, there you have it, an App that claims to change the face of urban transport. Of course in London we have ‘Boris Bikes’, however what do you think –  would you rent your bike out to other users? Would this type of App be of interest to you?

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