Acrimonious divorce of ex-yahoo president settles at 11th hour

19 Jun 2012

The bitter and lengthy divorce of former yahoo president Susan Decker has finally settled on the eve of what was to be a ten day trial to resolve lingering financial disputes.

The divorce has captivated American audiences since 2009 when confidential letters detailing “highly flammable” allegations concerning Ms Decker were leaked.

Financial disputes

Ms Decker and her now ex-husband Michael Dovey had a joint wealth of $71 million in property, stock, cash and other assets including sailboats, motorbikes, season tickets and memberships at exclusive yacht and golf clubs.

An early settlement deal proposed by Decker was overshadowed when in 2009 a confidential letter from Dovey’s lawyers to Deckers alleged that she had extramarital affairs, bugged properties to spy on Dovey and engaged in illegal drug use for many years.

Even yahoo, which Decker has resigned from in 2009 was embroiled in the divorce with lawyers ordering e-mail records be made available for view.

According to reports, the divorce was finally settled for the sake of the couple’s three children.

Partner at Osbornes Solicitors and specialist divorce lawyer Lisa Peppercommented:

“This case is of course public interest because of the yahoo connection and the high value of the settlement; however in reality lengthy and messy divorces are part of the everyday workload of a family solicitor. The sad fact is that such divorces not only cost the individuals involved more in the long run and can leave a scar when children are also involved”

Lisa is also a specialist collaborative lawyer, accredited by resolution. A collaborative divorce aims at settling cases without having to go to Court, but instead finding a solution in a dignified and respectful way, having regard to what is in the best interests of the whole family.

Lisa Pepper is a Partner at Osbornes, a qualified Collaborative Lawyer and a Resolution Accredited Specialist. She is also a Director of Resolution which is an organisation of over 6,000 lawyers and family justice professionals who believe in a constructive, non confrontational approach to family law matters.

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