Accident statistics video: The highs and lows of cycle safety 19 Jun 2013

Accident statistics video: The highs and lows of cycle safety

Each year 3,000 cyclists are killed or injured on UK roads, and approximately one fifth of those are children. Despite this startling figure, we are told that Britain holds one of the best road safety records in the world. There is clearly much that remains to be done before we have full confidence in the safety of our roads. To highlight the importance of cycling in our society, as well as shine a light on the risks cyclists face on our roads each day, Osbornes Solicitors have created this video.

Created using statistics from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), the video shows that there are 17,000 cyclist deaths or injuries in reported road accidents every year. Most of these occur during the daytime and, shockingly, 20% of those killed are injured are children. It seems strange then, that Britain holds one of the best cycle safety rankings for children in Europe.

Despite these risks, the advantages of cycling must not be overlooked. In fact, the benefits gained from cycling actually far outweigh the dangers. For example, you can burn around 600 calories for every hour of cycling, which is great news for your health. It’s beneficial to environment too, with over 1000km to be travelled on the energy equivalent of a single litre of petrol.

You’ll also find a range of helpful cycle safety tips in the video, including the best place to ride on the road and what type of protective clothing to wear.

Here at Osbornes, we’re experts at cycling accident claims – we understand the industry and we know the risks that all cyclists face on the roads. Protective gear has come a long way to helping cyclists, but there remains a risk of serious head injury and other trauma. There are still huge measures that must be implemented before cyclists and motorists can use UK roads safely together. Although the government is taking steps towards improvements it’s essential that road users do what they can to protect themselves from injury.

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Written by Stuart Kightley

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