Accident at work results in personal injury compensation claim

19 Jun 2012

A shop worker who fell from a ladder has won £9,600 in compensation.

The worker who was employed as a senior sales assistant by the early learning centre in Glasgow was using a twelve foot ladder whilst trying to reach a box on a shelf. After her first attempt failed she decided to reposition the ladder and fell as she was climbing down to do so.

The shop assistant suffered damage to her back, elbow and calf. She also had existing back problems, which were found to have become much worst after the accident, making it difficult for her to carry out everyday tasks.

The early learning centre admitted liability for a breach of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 as the shop assistant should not have been put in a position where she was required to climb a ladder to the height from which she could have fallen and injured herself. The court awarded £12,800 in damages which was reduced by 25% for contributory negligence.

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Written by Stuart Kightley

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