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Facial and beauty treatment injuries

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Facial and beauty treatment injuries

Facials are a very common beauty treatment and may seem pretty non-invasive. But they may involve the use of beauty products containing chemicals such as a chemical peel, or hair removal, and even vacuum suction techniques.

Semi-permanent make up involves implanting a chosen colour of glycerine and minerals under the surface of the skin, where it can stay for up to 5 years. It carries similar risks as tattooing

Skin treatments

Applying treatments to the skin always carries a risk of an allergic or chemical reaction, especially to the face or other areas where the skin is particularly sensitive and where any scarring would be very noticeable. That is why the product should always be tested first on a small patch of skin. But the person carrying out the treatment may not be trained in the use of the chemical and may not have read and followed the manufacturer’s instructions. They may not have asked you about any allergies or sought your informed consent to use of the particular product. The result can be a nasty burn or other skin damage.

Eyelash extensions or eyelash dyeing techniques (eyelash perms and tinting) carry the additional danger that if they are misapplied, because of an unsteady, inexperienced or distracted hand, they can cause injury to the eye, and a scratched cornea, infection or chemical burn to the eye can be a very painful condition.

The injury may leave scarring – in some cases permanent scarring – and may need remedial treatment such as moisturising or camouflage creams and occasionally scar revision surgery.

Use of chemicals and wax

If your beautician or the salon have used chemicals without first assessing their risk and having control measures in place, and those chemicals cause you injury, then they may well be in breach of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002, which is a criminal offence. It is also likely that you will have a civil claim against them for compensation. That will be for reimbursement of the cost of the treatment, damages for the injury and any consequential losses and expenses.

Salons and health spas offer an array of hair removal treatments, from an eyebrow wax to a Brazillian wax. Wax, or the chemicals used in the waxing process, can also cause an allergic reaction, and so should be patch tested.

If the liquid wax is over heated or applied incorrectly it can cause burns or tears to the skin. Any break in the skin carries a risk of infection, a particular problem for those who have a medical condition which suppresses the immune system.

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