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Accidents do happen…

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News article published on: 18th June 2010

But do I have a claim???

Some of us are not used to the idea of being able to make a claim for compensation if we are unlucky enough to have an accident and get hurt, particularly if the accident happens at work. However under the law if an accident happens, particularly at work, there is a good chance of you being able to make a claim.

If you are not given the right equipment for the job you are doing, or if the equipment you are given is faulty in any way, then you will almost certainly have a claim against your employers. If you have to do a job which involves a lot of heavy or awkward lifting and you suffer an injury because you have not been trained in how to lift things safely or have not been given the right equipment so that the lifting becomes more manageable, then again you might have a claim.

If you work on a building site, particularly if the work involves working from scaffolding or above ground level, again there are regulations which enable you to bring a claim if you get hurt because your employers or the building site project managers do not carry out a risk assessment of your work and take the necessary precautions to make your system of work as safe as possible.

If you trip over something at work, or slip on something and get hurt, again you might have a claim against your employers. This can include tripping over electric cables on the floor that should have been tucked away or slipping on liquid that should have been mopped up.

Examples of cases where Osbornes have successfully brought claims against employers include:

  1. A claim when an employee slipped when carrying furniture at work when the ground was wet
  2. A claim when an employee on a building site slipped when coming down stairs on wet plaster that had been left on the stairs when it dropped from the ceiling
  3. A claim when an employee on a building site fell through a hole in the first floor that had not been fenced off

These are just some examples – there are many more when it was not obvious that a claim could be brought.

The claim for compensation will include a claim for pain and suffering, a claim for all the earnings lost because of the accident and a claim for all of the expenses which resulted from the accident including things like taxi fares and the cost of prescriptions. You can even get private medical bills paid. So claims can often amount to many thousands of pounds.

If you need help with bringing a claim or even if you want to discuss whether there is any chance of being able to bring a claim for compensation as a result of an accident you have had, contact Wendy Wright on 0207 681 8671 or

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