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Every day three people sustain a spinal cord injury in the UK

Where the spinal cord has been damaged in an accident, and whether a complete high level lesion or an incomplete injury to the lower back, it is essential that advice is sought from a specialist solicitor who truly understands the nature and complications of this most debilitating type of personal injury.

We adopt a family-focussed approach to the way we help our clients, and provide support with the practicalities of life with a spinal cord injury (or living with someone who has a spinal cord injury) which goes well beyond the service provided by most firms.

From day one we fight for early rehabilitation funding to ensure the provision of appropriate housing, care, equipment and therapy.

Ben Posford… is singled out for his expertise in high-level catastrophic claims, particularly his handling of devastating brain and spinal injuries. He is described as a “fantastic lawyer who is extremely personable in dealing with clients and with opponents, and he has an unusual level of knowledge of the intricacies of procedure and substantive law.”
(Chambers & Partners, 2014 edition)

 Why Choose Osbornes

  1. No win, no fee
  2. Speak to a specialist solicitor as soon as you call
  3. Hospital & Home Visits
  4. Holistic support for the whole family
  5. Wholly independent specialists unaffiliated with any insurance company
  6. Spinal Injuries Association approved solicitors


Our spinal injury solicitors take on much fewer cases than in the vast majority of personal injury law firms, ensuring a pro-active, approachable service from some of the country’s leading lawyers.

Every enquiry is investigated, so even if you are unsure whether you would win your case, call us today to tell us about it: more often than not a claim can be made that would fund a lifetime of necessary care and support.

For free advice on whether you can claim, contact Ben Posford, 020 7485 8811 or 07539 926767.

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